[[Dell Enterprise Router]]
 Dell is an MNC IT company based in the USA, which manufactures and supplies HDD Devices, Dell Routers, Network Switches, Personal Computers and other networking related products for Homes, Enterprises, and Businesses.
 Dell provides best in class, networking related solutions worldwide with Dell networking products along with end-to-end IT services with 24*7 customer support.
 In Dell, Layer 3 switches are considered routers. The most popular Dell Routers available are Dell Networking N-Series Routers. These N-Series Routers boast energy-efficient and cost-effective 1GbE and 10GbE switches designed for modernizing and scaling network infrastructure.
 Dell Networking N2000 Series 1GbE Layer 3 Switches
 These Layer 3 switches use M-LAG to create different path loops for free redundancy, which allows full-bandwidth. It also features Layer 3 IPv4 and IPv6 functionality, including static routing and Routing Information Protocol (RIP version 1 & 2) support for up to 256 interfaces. The N2000 Series has features that can give 48 ports of Power-over-Ethernet Plus (PoE+). Meanwhile, the N2128PX-ON supports 4 ports of 60W Power over Ethernet (PoE 60W).
 Dell N2024 Series
 Dell N2024P Series
 Dell N2048 Series
 Dell N2048P Series
 Network Router Devices: https://www.fieldengineer.com/blogs/top-seven-enterprise-router-vendors-consider-2018

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