Backup source of ベンチマーク(No. 1) - W-ZERO3[es]

Backup source of ベンチマーク(No. 1)

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*&color(#ffffff){٥ޡ}; [#k0435563]


**TCPMP٥ޡ [#pc826a9b]
 TCPMP Version 0.72RC1 Benchmark Results 
 Average Speed 138.96% 
 Video Frames 42552 
 Audio Samples 68183683 
 Amount of Data 179205 KB 
 Bench. Time 17:01.763 
 Bench. Frame Rate 41.65 
 Bench. Sample Rate 66733 
 Bench. Data Rate 1.4 Mbit/s 
 Original Time 23:39.819 
 Original Frame Rate 29.97 
 Original Sample Rate 48000 
 Original Data Rate 1.0 Mbit/s

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